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Why use ODA?

Marketing is primarily a matter of trust, and ODA through its independent analysis strengthens relations. Today, thanks to this independence, our customers, whether they are farmers, ranchers, merchants, wholesalers, or industrial co-operatives are trading with good information and can alter their strategies according to their respective interests.

Since the creation of ODA we have understood that in every marketing situation there are different differing local issues that need to be addressed. It is therefore no coincidence that we chose to develop a close network bringing our consultants closer to you, allowing them to fully immerse themselves into the local markets and help you to overcome your local marketing issues.

This is why we develop our tools and solutions with you in mind, our clients. We take into consideration your level of willingness to be exposed to risk, the cash-flows of your business, and how you wish to manage your sales. Work with ODA to take advantage of price falls and rises and manage your risks with ease.

With a unique R&D team in Europe, ODA was able to react to changes initiated by the 2008 crisis, by using this team to provide a new supply of predictive models. By choosing ODA you are choosing the best company to help you in dealing with the markets.