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Since 1997 ODA has been training the agricultural industry in price risk management and providing working knowledge of the essential tools required to be a successful agricultural commodity business.

To this end, we offer specially designed courses that help you keep abreast of current market situations, local issues and the various marketing tools available to you.

The courses are designed by skill level, so you can move ahead at your own pace and they are organised around four main principles:

  • Understanding markets and trends (fundamentals of supply and demand)
  • Learning the importance of basis in managing your marketing decisions 
  • Use all essential tools to manage price risk (derivatives and options markets)
  • Apply and learn the tools and techniques through individual exercises.


Training with ODA leads to the implementation of operational risk management.

ODA’s training courses are recognised by a number of European institutions and are eligible for funding.

To date more than 11,000 producers and buyers are already benefitting from the knowledge and techniques acquired on an ODA training course.


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